Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Components of the ALIMKids playgroup

Salam parents, 

There are 4 components that are used as the foundation in ALIMKids Playgroup.  The four components are thematic, active play, early alphabet recognition and language arts.

Lesson plan revolve playful theme, each theme covers eight weeks with activities changing weekly.

Vigorous activities for the children where they can run, jump, roll, romp and balance. They also get to play with props such as balls, bean bags, parachute play and ribbon streamers.

Early alphabet recognition

Two most reliable indicators of future reading success are Phonemic Awareness and Alphabet Recognition. Using fun and interesting resources, the children will enjoy learning about the alphabet.

Language arts

Through play with arts and design, children will learn to think through ideas, develop spatial, visual awareness as well as manipulative skills.

Let's join us and experience all these.

ALIMKids Playgroup Melaka will be starting in October!

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