Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kids In Home-Based Day Care Lack Physical Activity

Watching tv all day?

I stumbled upon an article from The Kid's Doctor Blog on the lacking of Physical Activity in a Home-Based Day Care.

A researcher at Oregon State University surveyed about 300 home-based child-care providers who looked after children ages two to five. Though 78 percent offered more than an hour a day of active play, 41 percent said children sat for extended periods during the day, and two-thirds said the TV was on most of the day, the study found.

Another research shows that many tots watch tv for 32 hours a week (or more).

I feel sad to know the findings. There are many techonological devices for kids now. Although their cognition is sharpened once they watch tv or play computer games, it is also important to maintain an active body since one does nothing else but sit.
Engrossed with youtube

 Thus through active play, children are able to improve their gross motor and fine motor skills, that will help grow healthy and strong.
These are a few activities that you can do with your kids indoor to encourage active play.

  • March! Let your tots to parade around the house. Give them pots, pans, plastic containers, and wooden spoons as musical instruments. They will love simple silly marching steps and cheers.
  • Blowing bubbles: Bubbles in bottles can be bought everywhere. You blow the bubble and let them chase. Who wouldn't love bubbles?
  • Dancing: Just put on your favourite tunes and dance along. :)
Active play is a cherished part of childhood that offers the children important developmental benefits and the opportunity to fully engage with our children. So let's play!

Week 2: Kindly check this attendance list!

This is the list for week 2.

Please check the list and let me know if i missed anyone's name.

First session starts as 9.30 a.m. These are the young caliphs that will be in the first session:

1. Sufiah Hanum.
2. Zara Aliyah.
3. Nur Dhia Insyirah.
4. Danial Haziq.
5. Imran Ariff Johan.
6. Ridhwan Johan.
7. Ariffah Aryana.
8. A'qila Izzara
9. Muhammad Faiq bin Mohd Fauzi
10. Afiq Izzuddin b. Fazly Salleh

Second session will start at 11.00 a.m. These are the young caliph that will be in the 2nd group.

1. Muhammad Irfan Zakuan Ariff
2. Muhammad Mua'dz
3. Muhammad Riyaz Zulkifli
4. Auni Insyirah Binti Muhammad Lukman Al Hakim.
5. Nur Insyirah Humaira Nasruddin
6. Aleeya Husna bt Ahmad Amran
7. Nur Sarah Abdul Malek.
8. Muhammad Darwisy
9. empty
10. empty

There are two spots left for trial. Call me to book your spot.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kids, mark these dates ok!

Assalamualaikum kids,

Do mark these dates and remind your mommy and daddy to come to our saturday playgroup ok.

Week 1: 23rd October 2010
Week 2: 30th October 2010
Week 3: 13th November 2010
Week 4: 20th November 2010
Week 5: 27th November 2010
Week 6: 4th December 2010
Week 7: 11th December 2010
Week 8: 18th December 2010

Module two will starts on 8th January 2010. Insya Allah.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 1: I am special

Module One: Myself 
Week One: I am special
   Khalifah theme: Allah Makes Me Special
   Date: 23rd October 2010

Module one theme is on Myself so kids are exposed to their body, body parts, senses and emotions.

Alhamdulillah, we are done with week one playgroup sessions. Enjoy the pictures taken by one of the parents (credits to To all other mommies who have pictures of the week 1 session, do share with us as sharing is caring.


Singing Mr. Alligator

Active play: Bean bags. Kids are curious, what's inside the bag?

Ridhwan tried to guess what was inside. Some were afraid to touch, because they thought i brought Mr. Alligator to the playgroup. Cute!

Dancing to the beanbag boogies.

What do we say..?

Zara Aliyah and Sufiah Hanum were having fun messing and coloring and expressing themselves with water colors.

Kids showing their Me Flags. Some explained what they did.


Choo choo train to collect their stickers.
And salam before leaving, promise to meet again next week, insha Allah.

Next week class is as usual. However, the second session will start at 11 a.m. There are a few spots to be filled. To experience and appreciate the playgroup., please contact me to book your spot.

Hurry up!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teaching your Preschool to Make Friends

Preschool is the time when your child learns to explore and discover different things, and one of them is making friends. Preschool children are playful by nature and running and playing around with children at their age is what they enjoy doing the most.

It is best to teach your preschool how to make new friends because not only does it will make him happy having found new friends, but it will also develop his confidence and self-esteem. Keep in mind though that kids will always be kids, and don’t make this a very complicated task for him. Teach him to make this an innate trait that he will carry on as he grows old.

Start teaching your preschool to make friends with his classmates. This is a good training ground for him since he will interact with the other preschools on a daily basis.

  • Teach your preschool basic social skills such as making an eye contact when talking to someone, praising others, and calling his classmate by their names. Make it habit for him to greet everyone and say a simple “Hi or Good morning”.
  • Assure to your preschool that some children are just shy and it doesn’t mean that they are being unfriendly when they do not talk to him her.
  • Teach by example. Show your preschool how to approach, sit down and smile at the other child.
  • Explain to your preschool the importance of loyalty and that standing up for someone, when it’s right, will earn him a long lasting friendship.
  • Teach your preschool to be outgoing by involving him in extra curricular activities that encourage teamwork and cooperation such as team sports and theater activities. As much as possible avoid competitions.
  • Teach your preschool to make friends with everyone regardless of the “click” he’s in. Making friends with diverse group of people will train your child to adjust and get along with everyone else later on in his life.
  • It is also important to let your preschool know that not all his acquaintances will be his friends, but at the same time emphasize that he can still be friendly with all of them.
  • Be a great example to your preschool. Greet your guests warmly and be friendly when meeting new people. Your child will definitely learn more just by watching you rather than just listening you blab all day.

Let your preschool enjoy his childhood by encouraging him/her to make friends, lots of friends for that matter. Instill to your child that “No man is an Island” and having good friends will help him enjoy the things he does in life more.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Khalifah Child

Who is Khalifah?

We are all Khalifah of Allah. Allah makes us so special that he honors us with the ability to choose. He gave us free will. In our role as Khalifah of Allah we have the responsibility to use the free will given to us by Allah to continue His plan for Creation. Basically there are three things that we need to do as Khalifah on Earth.

1. Make ourselves good - to be a Muslim who obeys Allah’s injunctions.

2. Make a good society - establish a life for all that is based on Islam, and which gains Allah’s pleasure.

3. Make the physical world around us good - to be a garden paradise which will please Allah greatly.
Parents must help their children understand that it is a great honor and privilege for us to bechosen by Allah to be his representatives on earth.

Children must come to understand that true victory in life means success in defeating our wrong desires and overcoming the evil influence of Satan, who is always tempting us in our daily lives.

We can not afford to lose to Satan in the battle of good against evil; we must continually struggle against our earthly desires and want only what Allah has made right for us.

To do so, parents must fully understand the meaning of Khalifah.

For young children, they are to be told such things as:
* Before Allah made us He made everything else.
* Allah made the sun and the moon and the stars and our planet, Earth.
* Allah made the air we breathe and the water we drink.
* Allah made all of the plants and all of the animals.
* Allah made all of this so that when He made Adam (and all the other people) we would have a nice place to live.
* Allah took a real long time to make all this for us.
* Allah made us different from everything else.
* Allah made us special because He loves us so much.
* Allah made us special because He has a very important job he wants us to do.
* Allah made us His Khalifah, which means we are supposed to do some work for Him.
* Allah knows better than anyone what is good and what is bad.
* Allah wants us to learn from Him what is good and bad.
* Allah wants us to love the good things and not like the bad things.
* Allah wants each one of us to only do good things and never do bad things.
* Allah wants each one of us to help other people to know what is good and bad.
* Allah wants us to make our world beautiful.
* Allah wants parents to help their children learn what is good and bad.
* Allah wants kids to help other kids learn what is good and bad.
* We should be very happy Allah has blessed us with such an important job to do.
* Even if it might sometimes be hard work, it is going to be lots fun to be the Khalifah of Allah.
* If we work hard and do a good job as Allah’s Khalifah the world will keep getting to be a nicer place until it becomes like a paradise.

Visit this original source for better understanding.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Module One Is Commencing! (edited)

Module one will commence on Saturday, 23rd October 2010. That is this weekend. I can't wait.


The focus on session one will be I Am Special and the Khalifah Theme will be Allah Makes Us Special.

There will be two sessions which are 9.30 a.m session and 10.45 a.m session .

First session starts as 9.30 a.m. These are the young caliphs that will be in the first session:

1. Sufiah Hanum.
2. Zara Aliyah.
3. Nur Dhia Insyirah.
4. Danial Haziq.

5. Imran Ariff Johan.
6. Ridhwan Johan.
7. Ariffah Aryana.
8. A'qila Izzara
9. Muhammad Faiq bin Mohd Fauzi
10. Arief Zakwan Bin Zainudin

Second session will start at 10.45 a.m. These are the young caliph that will be in the 2nd group.

1. Muhammad Irfan Zakuan Ariff
2. Muhammad Mua'dz
3. Muhammad Riyaz Zulkifli
4. Auni Insyirah Binti Muhammad Lukman Al Hakim.
5. Nur Insyirah Humaira Nasruddin
6. Aleeya Husna bt Ahmad Amran
7. Siti Umairah Safwah
8. Muhammad Darwish bin Jihadi
9. Nur Sarah Abdul Malek.
10.Muhammad Danidarwisy Bin Kamaruddin

If you are coming and can't find your lil ones on the list, please let me know.

For parents who has yet to bring your child to our playgroup to experience and appreciate the playgroup. There is only a spot left for 2nd session slot. Contact me at 019 655 1980 before 5.00 pm, Friday, 22nd October 2010 so that i can book the spot for you.

All spots are taken.

Hope to see you and all the young caliphs there!

Insya Allah.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ALIMKids Preview and Open Day

Alhamdulillah, Thanks to the Almighty for the opportunity to conduct the ALIMKids Playgroup Preview yesterday at Tadika Al-Fateh, Taman Tasik Utama, Air keroh.

I would say that i had so much fun meeting all young caliphs and lovely parents. These are some pictures that i managed to snap during the playgroup session.

There were two sessions held, one was from 9.30 am - 10.30 a.m, and the other session was from 11.00 a.m to 12.00 a.m.

Art Time!

Dr. Ashikin was helping lil Imran tracing his palm on the plate.

We support green world, so no polystrene used.

Boys just wanna have fun and make friends with each others. 

What do we say? book on manners and akhlak

Alphabet recognition using phonic and song. 

Ahmad Mikail, his brother and Haziq dancing to the Chicken Dance Song

Itsy Bitsy Spider, came up the water spout, yeah!

Head, shoulder, knees and toes. What a great way to get slim for mommies. 

Nita, and her boys singing the Say Syahada song.

Husna paying attention. 

Allah Makes Us, story time. 

Telling the young caliphs that they are special. 

Art time again, second session. 

And more art.

Art teaches the children to expand their imagination, sharpen their cognitive skills, develop their creative abilities, problem solving, fine motor skills and many more.

These pictures, of course, did not do justice to the real experience of what really happen on the playgroup session.So you are welcome to bring your child to the playgroup.

2 spots left for the 1st session and 3 spots for the 2nd session for  module 1. Hurry and grab this chance.

Actual class will commence on 23rd October 2010 at Tadika Al-Fateh, Taman Tasik Utama, Air Keroh.

Please contact me for trial session (019 655 1980).

note: although the pictures aren't watermarked, please link back or give credit to this blog. thanks.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Change of venue

I am sorry to inform that the venue of ALIMKids Playgroup Melaka has been changed from Kompleks Niaga Bukit Katil to Tadika Al-Fateh (or also known as littlecaliph).

The NEW address is as follows:

Tadika Al-Fateh,
No. 22, Jalan TU 37,
Taman Tasik Utama,
75450 Ayer Keroh,

Please call me (019-6551980) or Sis Nabihah (019-3801920) if you could not find the location.

I am truly, deeply, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Calling all parents!

ALIMKids Playgroup Melaka:

Dear parents, i have sent the email about the trial session today.
Please check your email and should you cannot make it on the given time, do
contact me (019 655 1980) so that we can do something about it.

By the way, there are 2 spots left for the FREE preview. Book your place now.

And i am calling for Puan Amira and Puan Suria, i cannot get your number from my old phone. Really hope that you can contact me to claim your spot.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Trial Session is ON this weekend

There is a saying that says, "Time flies when you are having fun". I hope everyone has a great Raya celebration. For me, it has been such a hectic month.

Anyway, Syawal is nearing it's end and Zulkaedah is coming, and will be followed by Zulhijjah: The month of Hajj, Eidul Adha, and Sacrifice.

I really can't wait! That's another celebration.

By the way, the ALIMKids Playgroup trial session is ON this week. There will be two sessions which are 9.30 a.m session and 11.00 a.m session. I will send an email to everybody who had pre-registered their kids in regards of the sessions. This is to ensure that the each sessions is not too crowded.

Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve the numbers from my phone because it died on me. Therefore, i  might not be able to contact some mothers regarding the ALIMKids Trial Session. I will start sending the confirmation email tomorrow. If you do not receive the email, pls call or send me an sms to confirm your attendance.
To other parents, there are a few spots left for the FREE trial session. Contact us to claim your place.

Click here to know where is the location of our playgroup or to pre-register your kids.

See you there, insha Allah.

note: credit to ALIMKids Playgroup HQ (USJ) for all pictures.