Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teaching your Preschool to Make Friends

Preschool is the time when your child learns to explore and discover different things, and one of them is making friends. Preschool children are playful by nature and running and playing around with children at their age is what they enjoy doing the most.

It is best to teach your preschool how to make new friends because not only does it will make him happy having found new friends, but it will also develop his confidence and self-esteem. Keep in mind though that kids will always be kids, and don’t make this a very complicated task for him. Teach him to make this an innate trait that he will carry on as he grows old.

Start teaching your preschool to make friends with his classmates. This is a good training ground for him since he will interact with the other preschools on a daily basis.

  • Teach your preschool basic social skills such as making an eye contact when talking to someone, praising others, and calling his classmate by their names. Make it habit for him to greet everyone and say a simple “Hi or Good morning”.
  • Assure to your preschool that some children are just shy and it doesn’t mean that they are being unfriendly when they do not talk to him her.
  • Teach by example. Show your preschool how to approach, sit down and smile at the other child.
  • Explain to your preschool the importance of loyalty and that standing up for someone, when it’s right, will earn him a long lasting friendship.
  • Teach your preschool to be outgoing by involving him in extra curricular activities that encourage teamwork and cooperation such as team sports and theater activities. As much as possible avoid competitions.
  • Teach your preschool to make friends with everyone regardless of the “click” he’s in. Making friends with diverse group of people will train your child to adjust and get along with everyone else later on in his life.
  • It is also important to let your preschool know that not all his acquaintances will be his friends, but at the same time emphasize that he can still be friendly with all of them.
  • Be a great example to your preschool. Greet your guests warmly and be friendly when meeting new people. Your child will definitely learn more just by watching you rather than just listening you blab all day.

Let your preschool enjoy his childhood by encouraging him/her to make friends, lots of friends for that matter. Instill to your child that “No man is an Island” and having good friends will help him enjoy the things he does in life more.


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