Monday, October 4, 2010

Trial Session is ON this weekend

There is a saying that says, "Time flies when you are having fun". I hope everyone has a great Raya celebration. For me, it has been such a hectic month.

Anyway, Syawal is nearing it's end and Zulkaedah is coming, and will be followed by Zulhijjah: The month of Hajj, Eidul Adha, and Sacrifice.

I really can't wait! That's another celebration.

By the way, the ALIMKids Playgroup trial session is ON this week. There will be two sessions which are 9.30 a.m session and 11.00 a.m session. I will send an email to everybody who had pre-registered their kids in regards of the sessions. This is to ensure that the each sessions is not too crowded.

Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve the numbers from my phone because it died on me. Therefore, i  might not be able to contact some mothers regarding the ALIMKids Trial Session. I will start sending the confirmation email tomorrow. If you do not receive the email, pls call or send me an sms to confirm your attendance.
To other parents, there are a few spots left for the FREE trial session. Contact us to claim your place.

Click here to know where is the location of our playgroup or to pre-register your kids.

See you there, insha Allah.

note: credit to ALIMKids Playgroup HQ (USJ) for all pictures.


  1. Tahniah zura. :) Moga semuanya di permudahkanNya.. Amin..
    ~ kak imah ~

  2. terima kasih kak mah. doakanlah ya. :)