Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kids In Home-Based Day Care Lack Physical Activity

Watching tv all day?

I stumbled upon an article from The Kid's Doctor Blog on the lacking of Physical Activity in a Home-Based Day Care.

A researcher at Oregon State University surveyed about 300 home-based child-care providers who looked after children ages two to five. Though 78 percent offered more than an hour a day of active play, 41 percent said children sat for extended periods during the day, and two-thirds said the TV was on most of the day, the study found.

Another research shows that many tots watch tv for 32 hours a week (or more).

I feel sad to know the findings. There are many techonological devices for kids now. Although their cognition is sharpened once they watch tv or play computer games, it is also important to maintain an active body since one does nothing else but sit.
Engrossed with youtube

 Thus through active play, children are able to improve their gross motor and fine motor skills, that will help grow healthy and strong.
These are a few activities that you can do with your kids indoor to encourage active play.

  • March! Let your tots to parade around the house. Give them pots, pans, plastic containers, and wooden spoons as musical instruments. They will love simple silly marching steps and cheers.
  • Blowing bubbles: Bubbles in bottles can be bought everywhere. You blow the bubble and let them chase. Who wouldn't love bubbles?
  • Dancing: Just put on your favourite tunes and dance along. :)
Active play is a cherished part of childhood that offers the children important developmental benefits and the opportunity to fully engage with our children. So let's play!

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