Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Khalifah Child

Who is Khalifah?

We are all Khalifah of Allah. Allah makes us so special that he honors us with the ability to choose. He gave us free will. In our role as Khalifah of Allah we have the responsibility to use the free will given to us by Allah to continue His plan for Creation. Basically there are three things that we need to do as Khalifah on Earth.

1. Make ourselves good - to be a Muslim who obeys Allah’s injunctions.

2. Make a good society - establish a life for all that is based on Islam, and which gains Allah’s pleasure.

3. Make the physical world around us good - to be a garden paradise which will please Allah greatly.
Parents must help their children understand that it is a great honor and privilege for us to bechosen by Allah to be his representatives on earth.

Children must come to understand that true victory in life means success in defeating our wrong desires and overcoming the evil influence of Satan, who is always tempting us in our daily lives.

We can not afford to lose to Satan in the battle of good against evil; we must continually struggle against our earthly desires and want only what Allah has made right for us.

To do so, parents must fully understand the meaning of Khalifah.

For young children, they are to be told such things as:
* Before Allah made us He made everything else.
* Allah made the sun and the moon and the stars and our planet, Earth.
* Allah made the air we breathe and the water we drink.
* Allah made all of the plants and all of the animals.
* Allah made all of this so that when He made Adam (and all the other people) we would have a nice place to live.
* Allah took a real long time to make all this for us.
* Allah made us different from everything else.
* Allah made us special because He loves us so much.
* Allah made us special because He has a very important job he wants us to do.
* Allah made us His Khalifah, which means we are supposed to do some work for Him.
* Allah knows better than anyone what is good and what is bad.
* Allah wants us to learn from Him what is good and bad.
* Allah wants us to love the good things and not like the bad things.
* Allah wants each one of us to only do good things and never do bad things.
* Allah wants each one of us to help other people to know what is good and bad.
* Allah wants us to make our world beautiful.
* Allah wants parents to help their children learn what is good and bad.
* Allah wants kids to help other kids learn what is good and bad.
* We should be very happy Allah has blessed us with such an important job to do.
* Even if it might sometimes be hard work, it is going to be lots fun to be the Khalifah of Allah.
* If we work hard and do a good job as Allah’s Khalifah the world will keep getting to be a nicer place until it becomes like a paradise.

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