Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brainy Young Caliph!

We are moving to another blog. Introducing BYC or Brainy Young Caliph.

I believe you have seen the BYC logo everywhere on this blog before.
You can get more info on ALIMKids Playgroup activities, Breastfeeding Events and Products, Khalifah Parenting and all you need to know about being WAHM!

Do share the with the others too.

Thanks in advance and meet you there!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Can Hear

Module One: Myself 
Week Six: My sense of hearing
   Khalifah theme: Thank You Allah I Can Hear
   Date: 11th December 2010

Alhamdulillah, we have had our week 6 session last week. The theme was My Sense of Hearing where the kids learnt about the sounds.

In this session, they got to explore about sounds and things that make sounds. Teacher wawa brought plenty of things they could found at home and let them experimenting with the utensils and they sounds they made.

Kids were also taught about the difference of loud and soft.

In art and craft time, kids made their own pop out card. When the card is open, it will have a pop-out mouth/beak.

Riyaz love playing with scissor rather than making the card. Maybe someday, we should play with scissors and try to cut shapes in our session, right Riyaz? Of course, when you want to play with scissor, you need your mommy or daddy to help you with that.

And finally they were introduce with rythm stick. Unfortunately, teacher wawa's camera batteries gone flat and the camera died on her. :P

There are a lot of activities that we can do with rhythm sticks.  Wooden rhythm sticks inspire children to move to a new beat and train them with their hearing skills.

Well, there are two more sessions left for module one. We are going to commence module 2 in January. Registration for new module is NOW open. Share this news with your friends and relatives so that they will not be missed out.

See you guys again next week. Till then take care, toodles.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Attendance list for week 6

This is the list for week 6.

Please check the list and let me know if i missed anyone's name.

First session starts as 9.30 a.m. These are the young caliphs that will be in the first session:

1. Sufiah Hanum.
2. Zara Aliyah.
3. Nur Dhia Insyirah.
4. Danial Haziq.
5. Ariffah Aryana.
6. A'qila Izzara

7. Muhammad Faiq bin Mohd Fauzi
8. Muhammad Riyaz Zulkifli 
9. Aleeya Husna bt Ahmad Amran
10. Muhammad Darwisy
11.  Nabilah Fuaad

Unfortunately Ridhwan, Imran and Irfan won't be able to join us tomorrow. You are gonna be missed dearly.

 Call me to book your spot.019 655 1980.

I can touch

Module One: Myself 
Week Five: I Can Touch
   Khalifah theme: Thank You Allah I Can Touch
   Date: 4th December 2010

Alhamdulillah, we have had our week 5 session last week. The theme was My Sense of Touch where the kids learnt about the touching and feeling. 

Kids were also reminded about the two hands that Allah had given us to touch and feel the things around us. So we must always thank Allah for giving us hands.

During circle time, teacher wawa brought some textures cube to be touched and felt. They got to differentiate smooth or rough, big or small.

For arts and craft, the kids made their own catterpillar. Some made long catterpillar, while the other made short ones. Some even made hidden catterpillar. They sure had fun doing it. 

The best part of the day was the parachute play. Everybody was excited when teacher wawa asked them to guess what was in the bag, and none got it correct. I bet if they were given an option, they would choose parachute play in every session. 


Insya Allah, this Saturday we will explore on Sound. Don't miss the fun!

Teacher wawa can't wait to meet you all again, young caliph.