Sunday, August 29, 2010

Parachute Play

You want an inexpensive toy for your kids? You want to enhance their creativity and imagination and yet you have no idea on what to do?

Well, opt for parachute play. In one of the ALIMKids Playgroup component, we let the kids play the parachute play.

Active Play

Vigorous activities for the children where they can run, jump, roll, romp and balance. They also get to play with props such as balls, bean bags, parachute play and ribbon streamers.

Parachute Play in Action:

Benefits of Parachute Play:

* Encourages cooperation - Strengthens upper torso
* Non-competitive - Differing abilities are non-issue
* Refines perceptual skills - Reinforces turn-taking/ sharing
* Develops a sense of rhythm - Requires following directions
* Promotes social interaction - Enhances language development

Other than that, parachutes are a great addition to any game session as it can be used to teach teamwork, cooperation, strength, agility, body movements, coordination, and endurance.  It encourages positive cooperative group experiences. Any group six to forty can play. 

In parachute games the focus is on playing and not winning. Enjoying the moment and the time spent together in joyous activity. There are competitive games but the players are having such a wonderful time, they simply want to get on to the next round. In parachute play everybody wins.

Playing is fun, should be fun and stress free for everybody.



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