Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why parents should be along with the kids during playgroup session?

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a mother who sends her daughter to AlimKids Playgroup @ MLO, Seri Kembangan

Most of us are working thus leaving us with lesser time to really know our children. Even if a mother is a stay at home mom, how much time do you really spend INDIVIDUALLY with your child?

Maybe if we have only one child, we would still be able to devote our quality time during weekend with him/her. But what if a parent has more than a child?

Often times i find it's hard to understand my children individually. Thus, we tend to treat them equally. But the fact is that, each of them should be approached differently.

 Pictures taken from
a mother who sends her daughter to AlimKids Playgroup @ MLO, Seri Kembangan

We are not only allowing parents (preferably mom) to join the session. In fact, we really encourage parents to get involved in all aspects of the class. A child's parent is their first and most important teacher. If a child sees that the parent does not seem to be enjoying the session, then most likely the child will not enjoy it either.

Parents will get to see the other side of your child and get to bond with them, individually, where you do not have the chance to do so at home when other siblings are around. You too will be able to observe and learn about your child's development and developmental needs. Beside that, you'll learn first hand how other children are similar or different than your own child -- in temperament and development.

Insya Allah, playgroups are as much fun for the parents as they are for the children. Parents learn the importance of interacting with their child and many times the children get to experiment with things they may not have at home.

That's why, i believe that parents should be with their kids during the playgroup session. So, will i be seeing you there?

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