Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Can Taste

Module One: Myself 
Week Four: I Can Taste
   Khalifah theme: Thank You Allah I Can Taste
   Date: 27th November 2010

warming up time

Alhamdulillah, we managed to complete week four session. In this session, kids learnt about their tongue and it's function which is to taste. They were also told that Allah created our tongue therefore we all should Thank Allah for such a special creation.

Yummy fruit kebab by the kids

The kids were introduced with taste like sweet and sour. And for craft time, they made their own fruit kebab. They used bamboo skewer and stick it through the fruits. Besides, they also made their own orange juice. Yummy!

Everybody having fun trying to walk, run, gallop, skip and side-skate

For movement session, they learnt about locomotor skills. Locomotor skills are the basic ways to move, the building blocks of coordination. By introducing the kids locomotor skills such as walk, hop, gallop, skate, tip-toe and run, you are helping the kids to stay active. These movements sounds easy, but they are hard for kids. ;)

Even Teacher Wawa was having hard time galloping. :))

Husna, Faiq, Hanum, Hamzah and Sawda played together.

As usual, kids will play together before they leave. Now that we are already in Week 4, they knew almost everybody and they get to learn to socialize and play together harmoniously. Great young caliph!

See you again next week, insya Allah.

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