Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Feelings (Special Theme, Hajj!)

Module One: Myself 
Week Two: My Feelings
   Khalifah theme: Thank you Allah for My Body
Special Theme: Hajj
   Date: 13th November 2010

Alhamdulillah, we are done with week 3 theme My Feelings. The ALIMkids was introduced with their feelings such as happy, sad, excited, afraid and angry. They are taught to identify their feelings and emotions so that it will be easier for them to manage themselves.

How do you feel today?

Since we are also in the month of dhulhijja, the kids were taught about the months in Islam, which Dhulhijja is the final month in the Hijra calendar.

Hajj, Kaabah and sacrifices

The biggest celebration in Dhulhijja is Hajj. Thus, in circle time, they learnt about things to do during Hajj, Kaabah and sacrifices. For craft session, the made their own Kaabah Bookmark.

Kids with their Kaabah Bookmark

The kids got to play with ribbons to train their motor skills, along the Ribbons In The Air song. We definitely had so much fun though we missed a few friends e.f Riyaz who was sick, Hariz, Iffah, Darwish, Sarah and Insyirah whose parents had other commitments.

Ribbons In The Air

Hope to see you all again this Saturday. Insya Allah.

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